House of the sun — sunstone cross
$2 010
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SKU: 4094

House of the sun — sunstone cross

$2 010
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Sterling silver, yellow 14K gold
Sunstone 8x6 mm
12,2 g
Height with eyelet 42.5 mm, width 25 mm

Strictly speaking, cold does not exist in a physical sense because cold is simply a lack of heat. By that same token, absolute darkness is almost impossibly rare because even the smallest and most modest ray of light will shatter it. Do you think that the House of the Sun is a warm and cosy place where the spring plays with evocative colours or the autumn dons bracelets of gold?

No. The House of the Sun is where the darkness lies. The House of the Sun is icy and nebulous, where the trembling cold pierces the body like needles and the fog settles in the corners of the lips in folds of dust. The sun always breaks through the darkness and sweeps the chill away, filling the void with its generous and beautiful light.

The House of the Sun is the place where it is both expected and unexpected, where there is but a faint ray of hope that the Sun will indeed rise again. The House of the Sun is the dream that the light will come sooner or later, the ray of hope that it will appear somewhere far away on the horizon, bearing a proud smile and winking happily at the new day.

The House of the Sun is where sadness and happiness go hand in hand, sharing in each other’s fates. It is where you see this apparent contradiction in its full splendour.

The House is high in the mountains, where lovers walk together towards new heights after sharing a warm gaze. It is above the sleepy city and the busy streets; it cascades over the apple orchards, across the amber deserts, and into the clear oceans and their majestic creatures.

The House of the Sun is where you find the Sun’s light, as well as where you can lose it, for any darkness is but a continuation of the light, and cold always precedes heat.

Or perhaps the Sun has no home? Maybe all this is just beautiful tales about an abandoned land that will never know the Sun’s rays on its face?

We can answer this question with a smile. The Sun always carries its Home with it, and its Home is in the boundless territory of the heart. The House of the Sun is not a physical place, although it may have hundreds of incarnations. Home is where you find love, hope and the light of the soul. Home can be everywhere and anywhere.

Never forget that. Even if you do, we can remind you of these vitally important words with the beautiful and original «House of the Sun» cross. Precision in jewellery at its finest. Swallows flutter on a silver canvas surrounded by the sun and the light.