Holy Fire — cross made of gold and silver
SKU: 4103
SKU: 4103

Holy Fire — cross made of gold and silver

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14K gold, Sterling silver
~ 5,5 g
Height with eye 35 mm, width 17 mm

The darkest night is replaced by the brightest day of the year. The sky is filled with a nimbus of light, the stars fade and the earth is filled with warmth. The heavenly fire has descended — a sign that our hearts have not yet lost faith in miracles. 

The first evidence of the ascending fire of grace from the Holy Sepulchre dates back to the 4th century. Year after year, the faithful observe this revered event and claim that the ascension of the Blessed Fire symbolizes the light of Christ’s Resurrection.

A celebration of radiance and joy. It is the moment when we receive the power of grace, which will eventually make us courageous and give us happiness where others weep and mourn. The event is testimony to the fact that humanity is not made up of victims — we are the heroes of our stories. It is proof that instead of bemoaning the crosses that you bear, you can take pride in them. It is a sign that in the darkest corners of this life, you can always light your own fire and shine bright for others as well as yourself.

Our new «Blessed Fire» cross is for people who guard their inner light and share it with those around them. These luminous people, thermal conductors of inspiration, appear in our lives to show us that there is always another way. For this exact purpose, God once gave Jesus unto the earth. 

The contrasting silver and yellow gold symbolizes the combination of the mysterious night before Easter and the festive morning thereafter. It captures the moment when this entire enigmatic world tilts on the verge of transition from darkness to light.