Memento vivere — gold cross with emerald and diamonds
$2 670
SKU: 4714
SKU: 4714

Memento vivere — gold cross with emerald and diamonds

$2 670
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White and yellow 14K gold
Emerald 9x5mm, diamonds 1,1 mm — 14 pcs.
~ 9,9 g
Height — 42 mm, width — 25 mm

If life always borders on death, then death must also border on life. 

This is a piece dedicated to opportunities.

«The chance that you will be heard is much greater than the chance of being misunderstood. That is, if you still dare to say what is important to you.

The probability that you will find a job that you like is much greater than the doom of a profession where nothing brings you joy. Especially if you’ve finally stopped choosing things that you don’t care about.

Love has more power than loneliness. When you let one of them into your heart, look closely at which you value more.

Possibility. Choice. Life. Aren’t these words synonymous? 

There is no singularly correct choice, and therefore there is no singularly correct life. You can no longer be afraid of mistakes. You can always choose something else.»

We made this cross with a great desire to once again remind you of the majesty of life. The natural emerald here signifies birth, a deep connection with one’s soul and infinite potential. 

The combination of gold and diamonds reminds us of the value of our choices. This piece is for those who no longer close their eyes when life reveals itself to them.