Compass — a silver bracelet with a coating of oxidation and rhodium
$1 980
SKU: 4143
SKU: 4143

Compass — a silver bracelet with a coating of oxidation and rhodium

$1 980
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Sterling Silver
~ 95 g
Oxidation, white rhodium
Width 40 mm, strap width — 20 mm

“Not everyone who seeks will find. But the one who found — searched”. Rumi

Yes, when you left your house: a warm, cozy corner, where there was no need for anything. There was only a moment and the ability to enjoy it. There was no need to invent names, to search for people behind these names. There were no foreign languages, distant lands, and roads that want to lead you somewhere: to happiness, to love, to glory or other regalia.

You have come to where you constantly have to look. Search in yourself. But you are running, and the internal compass is gathering dust with stereotypes and concepts of “so necessary”, “and what people will say”, “I cannot.” You make other people's dreams, mistakenly believing that they are yours. People know how to lie to themselves so sincerely that they do not doubt this truth. But false guidelines are therefore false, which you do not immediately notice.

And at one of the next races you are overtaken by the understanding that wherever you go, you will meet yourself everywhere. That all four corners of the world have long been ready to open to you, if you are ready to open to them. That you can’t find yourself because you have never lost yourself.

It is better to hear when you begin to be silent more and speak less. Then the inner voice becomes more clear, understandable, native. You are not afraid to trust yourself and your compass.

The stylized Compass bracelet is a companion of people who choose themselves, their people and their life. The bracelet is completely made of silver, and the strap is made of genuine leather.