Adam's creation — silver bracelet
$1 980
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SKU: 1828

Adam's creation — silver bracelet

$1 980
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Sterling silver
~ 95 g
Gilding and white rhodium
Bracelet width — 40 mm, strap width — 20 mm

The purest love begins with the usual touch. «Want to touch» said Stanislavsky, defining love.

Stylized bracelet «The Creation of Adam». We have concluded the most important truth without words. There is nothing more important than life. There is nothing more than love.

The moment of human creation is the largest event in the Universe. Man is the creator created by the Creator. Architecturally thought-out body and consciousness, a source of energy and creativity, the microcenter of the solar system.

Man is the only word that God said. Man is the physical embodiment of universal love. Man is the only proof of the existence of God.

And God stubbornly extends his hand to meet his creation. In his half-opened and sadly closed fingers, deep paternal feelings hid. He realizes that he can never feel stronger again. Love made God the creator, love created the soul in him.

But why are his fingers so slim and sad? He understands that his child must be loved so that he does not know about it. And he ... he wants so much to cuddle him! No, don’t just lightly touch with your fingertips! Hug, strangle in a hug, drown in love, kiss every face, every tear, every hair on your head!

He would like to bring down all the civilizations of all galaxies just to say a few gentle words to his creation. He wants to dissolve in his love ...

But can not. As a responsible father, he knows that there are things that cannot be given. There are feelings that can not be shown. There is awareness to which you can only come on your own.

But he is waiting. He will always be waiting. And will always love. Because you can not stop loving the one with whom you were one.

You probably noticed that the hands of God and Adam are almost identical? You might think that these are two hands of one person. And they almost meet.

Do you feel the energy of life flowing from one hand to another? Do you feel the supernatural flow of heat and light that God gives to man? Between your hands, the biggest miracle in the universe is created. So love creates worlds.

This is the moment of meeting and parting. We say goodbye to meet again. We leave to return. We touch to forget this touch for a long time. We leave for the night to return to the light one day. We love because we realize the finiteness of life.

Stylized bracelet «The Creation of Adam». Completely made of silver. The sun’s rays are gilded. The strap is made of genuine leather.

The constellations around the bracelet designate the creation of a human body from star dust, and the sun is the source of growth and flowering on earth.