The illusion of time — silver bracelet coated with gilding and white rhodium
$1 980
SKU: 1918
SKU: 1918

The illusion of time — silver bracelet coated with gilding and white rhodium

$1 980
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Sterling silver
~ 93,7 g
Gilding and white rhodium
The width of the «clock» is 40 mm, the strap width is 20,4 mm

Many times we can be convinced that the world is a 3D model, a projection of other people’s dreams or a matrix. But we see the world. We hear the world. We can touch it, feel cold or warm, desire or indifference. The world puts his signature on us, the imprint of his hand is very clear and material.

Can we feel the time? In addition to the ticking of the clock, nothing in the whole world tells us that it passes. As the seconds creep and the hours run away ... And only individual shreds of life we ​​fold into a single canvas of Time. And in it every second makes sense, although for us it passed unnoticed.

And there is a cold feeling inside that there is not and there was no time. Only always far away yesterday and endless tomorrow. And we are between them, in the moment called «now.» And in this very moment — thousands of faces with smiles and sadness, with friendship and humility, with love and indifference. In different clothes, with colorful masks.

And time passes, and we didn’t even feel the fabric of his dress on our knees. The past is growing, the future is shrinking. Without stopping, without breathing for a second.

No time. And never was it anywhere else but our imagination. It is enough only to be happy in the current moment.

And happy hours are not observed.