Bark — forged silver bracelet
SKU: 1979
SKU: 1979

Bark — forged silver bracelet

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Sterling silver
~ 12 g
Width — 5.2 mm

To meet the same person twice — is impossible. Because a person is a river that constantly flows, not stopping for a moment. The soul of man, like the liver of a shark, is in a constant striving forward, in the urgent need of a new path.

Break the heart — is impossible. It can regenerate tissues and regenerate under the influence of time, people and events.

To attribute a certain quality to a person is impossible. He can be good, and evil, and obedient, and stubborn, and conflicting, and compromise, and sympathetic, and indifferent. Man is a planet in motion. Emotions change in him, like night and day; life comes on the cold mountain slopes, and on the burning plains.

Man is connected with nature not only because it comes from its depths. Man and nature have a single pulse, a single heart, a single meaning. Civilization and high-tech cities are not able to separate them, as you can not separate the heart from the body.

There is such a legend. Nature created mountains, oceans, forests. Living spaces pleased her pride: only she could create such a thing. But at the heart of her footage flashed sadness, because the water and the trees were her subjects: they obeyed every gesture and moved in time with her steps. Nature wanted to create something unusual, impossible, independent and at the same time bright and lively.

And nature asked each element to pinch itself so that a man would appear on earth. Nature fell in love with her creation, though she often suffered from his selfish actions. But nature forgives everything, because its love is the height of the Universe. Is that sometimes it does not withstand the internal insults, and repays for selfishness: storms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms.

In love, offense and forgiveness, nature has known itself. She thought that she could only be authoritative and strong, like the empress of the sun and winds. But creating a man, she realized that she could be gentle, asking, sad. She and the man gave a feeling of love, so that at least several times in his life he could understand it.

Life and love are connected with the sky, earth and lightning. All of us are part of one world. No, it is not harmonious, as written in the books. He is impetuous, tough, unlucky, strange. But he is alive and spontaneous, which means that he should be.

We give you a part of the world along with a Bark forging bracelet from the beautiful silver collection. Accept it and be happy in the awareness of your beauty and greatness.