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Wedding rings have long become not just a symbol of the family union, but also a way to express their individuality, emphasize their unique, unlike others - love. For the realization of your desire, we are constantly creating new models and manufacturing wedding rings for individual orders. Could there be something better? Can!

We decided to go even further and do not just create individual rings for you, but also turn them into an unforgettable adventure. Only the rings created by themselves will be 100% unique, and the experience will remain for all your life.

Trip to our us will be exciting also, because our workshop is located in the picturesque region – Transcarpathia. Being here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, the murmur of mountain streams and inhale clean mountain air.

How do we work?

A master class is held in our workshop in Uzhgorod. Duration — approximately 8 hours with a lunch break.

What do we need?

  • 2 weeks before arrival, you must select the rings and tell us the model and your sizes. Rings can be in silver or gold, without or with stones, in one metal.
  • For your arrival, we will prepare a couple of blanks of your rings, with which you will continue to work.
  • An advance payment of 30% is also paid for 2 weeks.

This is the process of making wedding rings

After completion, you will receive your unique wedding rings and will be able to choose one of our branded boxes for them. At your request, your name will be laser engraved on the box.

Moments of happiness that will remain with you for life

Imagine how you dress your own handmade ring on a finger to a loved one. The sacrament for two!

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