Bohemia —collection for women who dream of becoming stars.

Bohemia —collection for women who dream of becoming stars.

Bohemia —collection for women who dream of becoming stars.

The Bohemian collection from Kochut is the epitome of the perfect unity of stylish concise forms and extremely valuable contents.

Precious, graceful, elegant — this collection will certainly touch the hearts of those who understand the true value of luxury. Those who appreciate creativity in all its manifestations. Those who create themselves, inspire and even shock.

The unique author's alloy of palladium gold developed by us is a feature of the bohemian jewelry series. This is a very valuable and expensive metal, which has a noble shade of hazy twilight. Palladium gold, from which all the masterpieces of Bohemia are made, became an excellent basis for revealing the unique image of each ring.

Bohemia Jewelry Collection

Prima, New Muse, The society lioness, Mona Lisa, Siren, Cinderella — each time they “sound” in a special way, interacting with the unique vibrations of the charisma of their owner.

The mysterious beauty of the jewels from the Bohemia collection is similar to expensive niche perfumes: it is finally revealed directly upon contact with your skin. These decorations become the intuitive continuation of their owner, its iconic decoration, its status symbol. They amplify and magnetize it. And then no one is able to resist her charms.

We were inspired to embody this valuable series by the special creative atmosphere of theatrical premieres, art exhibitions, film festivals and exquisite bohemian parties. Immerse yourself only for a moment in this crazy society: painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, actors, their beautiful ladies and gentlemen, critics, patrons of art, music and expensive wine. A pinch of intrigue and passion as a spice. And of course: the magnificent glow of jewels in the light of spotlights and ramps.

You will certainly notice this shine in each ring of our bohemian series. After all, for the decoration of jewelry, we traditionally used only natural and surprisingly beautiful gems. Stones with their own history, character and unique features.

Ring of palladium gold and pink spinel
Handcrafted ring with emerald
magic tanzanite ring

Jewelry from the Bohemian collection from Kochut will not suit everyone equally.

Only a special, creative, bright and courageous person will fully feel the refined energy of these ornaments. Only the one that is not afraid of star disease and flights to the stars. Only the one that she herself dreams of becoming a star can turn out to be their full owner.

(4.5 / 5)

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