Mobius Ribbon — palladium gold, diamonds
$4 800
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SKU: 4145

Mobius Ribbon — palladium gold, diamonds

$4 800
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Palladium 14K gold
On a female diamonds in a circle 2 mm — 7 pcs., 1.8 mm — 12 pcs., 1.5 mm — 8 pcs.
The width of the ring — male 2.2 mm, female 2.5 mm
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The Mobius ring is the ancestor of the symbol of infinity.

There is a version that the Mobius band is used as a sign of infinity. It reflects the dialectical model of the universe, that is, the unity and duality of being.

Tom Hanks said that the Universe is talking with us in the language of mathematics. We all know the Pi number, the golden mean, a series of Fibonacci numbers and also the infinite Mobius ribbon. The world gives us signs so that we understand: man is the beginning and edge of the Universe. And he can think according to standards not terrestrial, but cosmic.

Eternity is not a myth, not an illusion, not a ridiculous legend. Eternity is every moment and every person. And when two people connect their destiny, they multiply Eternity by two.

Such a tender philosophy we invested in the creation of our unusual wedding rings "Mobius Ribbon". They reveal the veil over the mysteries of the Universe, give endless love and tenderness, bind the two halves of stars into a single whole. This is a geometric art in love, it is a sign of endlessness in silver.

The female ring is decorated with a diamonds. The price in this case will depend on the size and weight of the rings. The price is indicated for a pair of wedding rings.