Harmony Of Nature — white gold, diamond
$3 750
SKU: 1508
SKU: 1508

Harmony Of Nature — white gold, diamond

$3 750
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14k White Gold
Diamond 3 mm and weighing 0.1 carat
White rhodium
Base width 7 mm

There is nothing perfect in nature, and yet each of her creations is perfect. 

2,500 years ago, Aristotle noted that nature has tangible standards of physical superiority. He did not mean symmetry, because there are no classically ‘correct’ forms. He did not mean dissonance, because perfection must be found in proportionality. 

As Oscar Wilde would say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We say that beauty is in all of nature’s organic creations because nature created them in her own image. 

Beauty can also be calculated in numbers and parameters. It is both infinite and mathematically absolute at the same time. The ideal architecture of the Universe was designed so that we could live in a world of beauty and harmony. 

Everything in our world is constructed with the principles of total harmony: a tree in your favorite park, a pinecone on the forest floor, a dark-eyed squirrel among orange leaves, the juicy fruit of a pineapple, the smiling face of a sunflower, a cobweb by your window, a scuttling lizard by the river, the molecules in your DNA - everything has been arranged as a single organic system. 

Beauty is in everything you see and hear. It is in every movement and in every thought, in every feeling and in every second. It is material perfection and it is said to know no limits. We believe this to be true because perfection has already been achieved. 

"Harmony Of Nature" — this is the name we have given to a collection of jewelry we created for the sun and the flowers. Delicate floral patterns are a motif of the collection, saturating it with the warm, joyful scents of spring. 

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