Thiamine — silver, black spinel
SKU: 1583
SKU: 1583

Thiamine — silver, black spinel

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Sterling Silver
Black spinel 4 mm and black spinel 6 mm
6.3 grams.
White rhodium
The width of the base of the ring is 3.5 mm

The phrase "in vino veritas", or "in wine, there is truth» dates back thousands of years. However, real jewelers and craftsmen know that the truth is not hidden in drinks, but rather, in metal. More precisely, it’s hidden in silver.

The first silver ornaments were found in the Middle East more than 6,000 years ago, and today, across a truly massive span of time, you have the opportunity to wear this beautiful metal on your hand in the form of jewelry.

The universe will feel much closer to you if you have silver on your person, particularly handmade silver jewelry. Silver is often called «lunar metal,» and it resonates perfectly with dark natural stones, creating a sharp contrast that is pleasing to the eye.

Henry Ford once humorously said the following of his Model T: "Any customer can have a car painted any long as it is black."

The color black is unique. Scientifically speaking, it is the "color of the absence of color" as it absorbs all other colors, keeping them from the outside world. Black is paradoxical. It is associated with infinity, silence and feminine vitality. It evokes a sense of secrecy, security and comfort.

Designers around the world have said more than once that the classics will never be a thing of the past; they, like fashion itself, are eternal. Black dresses and accessories will always be relevant, especially when it comes to jewelry and precious stones.

Our silver "Thiamine" set features black spinels and is a marvelous complement to any look. It adds a light charm to everyday life and lends a sense of refinement to holiday outfits.