Supermoon — sterling silver, moonstones
SKU: 1232
SKU: 1232

Supermoon — sterling silver, moonstones

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Sterling Silver
Moonstone in the ring — 10 mm, in earrings — 6 mm

The moon and the sun are the most powerful celestial bodies, and they have long been considered symbols of light, energy and spiritual power.

The Moon most often embodies the feminine and is associated with women, water, fertility, rebirth, intuition, feelings and the night. The moon symbolizes creation and the eternal cycles by which all of the Earth’s creatures abide.

Ancient legends speak of the influence of the moon’s phases on terrestrial phenomena. For example, the moon affects not only the tides, but also the upward and downward movement of sap in plants. 

For ancient peoples, the moon’s phases ruled all aspects of life. The new moon was considered the best time for planting crops, for finding success and increasing one’s wealth. In contrast, a full but waning moon signaled the completion of one’s personal affairs and their disintegration.

Our "Supermoon" set consists of a wonderful silver ring and accompanying earrings, which feature a silver base and moonstone inserts.

Astrologers believe that the moonstone helps to strengthen feelings of love and warmth in its owner. It encourages a person to be gentle and patient, as well as reveals creative potential. Befitting its name, moonstone shimmers perfectly both during the day and under the glow of the Earth’s closest and dearest neighbor.