Notre Dame — white gold, silver, topazes
$2 190
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SKU: 4614

Notre Dame — white gold, silver, topazes

$2 190
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14k white and red gold
Red garnets circle 5 mm — 1 pc., Pear 7x5 mm — 2 pcs.
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You look up to see you are lost on the streets of Paris, as if suddenly you’ve found yourself among the millions of stars in the sky. You see endless streets and tipsy lovers holding hands as they wander around the most beautiful city in the world. You see squares and paintings, lanterns and coffee benches. You see what you will never be able to forget. You see Paris.

Nobel Prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway once said: "Paris stays with you, for Paris is a holiday that never ends. You are in Paris, and that is happiness."

The Champs Elysees is suffused by the incredible dual aromas of love and triumph. The thick trees of the Boulogne Forest will bring you answers on the soft whispers of the wind. When you find yourself in Paris, you are Paris, because there is no room for anything else — only the smells of coffee and croissants, the secrets of the Latin Quarter and a wild love for the eternal city.

But what if you haven’t been to Paris yet? In that case, we were right to create the incredible vintage "Notre Dame" set. We poured all the charm of Parisian squares and the shimmering beauty of the evening Eiffel Tower into it. We were correct when we forged a spectacular pattern on the ring, resembling the soft lines of Notre Dame Cathedral, with our own hands. We were right to put the heart and soul of France into it. Rings like this were worn by the French kings and heirs to the throne.

And if you have had the good fortune to visit Paris and drink coffee on a bench near the Sorbonne, we are sure that a part of you still misses this city. Your need to return is deep-seated, and we are happy to be able to offer a piece of Paris that you can wear every day with our "Notre Dame" set.

How can one help but fall in love with this collection, especially when it is decorated with majestic natural topaz? Like a highly skilled juggler, topaz plays with shades and switches between them in the blink of an eye. 

Mysterious, charming, truly French blue topaz.