Nectar Of Love — silver, red garnets
SKU: 0760
SKU: 0760

Nectar Of Love — silver, red garnets

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Sterling Silver
Garnets 4 mm

To love does not mean to simply look at one another. To love means to look in one direction, to drink of one cup, to eat of one plate, to feel similar feelings and share similar thoughts.

Love is faith and acceptance. If you love someone, then you must believe in them. You must believe that they are a creator shaped by the Creator. You must understand that each of their smiles is not mere coincidence, that the universe has been striving for billions of years just to create the prints on their fingertips. You must know that the color in their eyes finds its origin in traces of stardust on the pulse of the planets.

You must accept that they are a finished canvas touched by the hand of Eternity, and this painting will be the most expensive work of art in your life. This picture will eclipse the combined works of the Louvre, the Hermitage and the Tretyakov.

Love means accepting a person as they are, not seeking fundamental change in them. Love means giving somebody the most wonderful gift you can. Love is breathing, feeling, living.

Love is not wine. Love is water. It is the basis of all life and it makes up the majority of our bodies. Unlike water, however, the taste is sweet and intoxicating.

The "Nectar Of Love" set. Silver, red garnets. The set’s forged silver also carries symbolic significance. You are the creator of life and love. Your feelings are not in your heart; they are in your hands.