Mirror Of The Soul — silver, yellow gold, citrines
$1 935.00
SKU: 1804
SKU: 1804

Mirror Of The Soul — silver, yellow gold, citrines

$1 935.00
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Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold
Citrine in the ring 12x10 mm and citrines in the earrings 8x6 mm
Earrings is 6.7 grams. The weight of the ring is 8.9 carats.

The world-famous lines of the great writer Dante read as follows: "People’s souls, mirror-like, reflect one another". The soul is metaphysical, invisible and immeasurable. Nonetheless, disputes between philosophers and poets have been circulating around the exact nature of the soul for centuries. What is a soul? Does it exist? Where did our understanding of it even come from?

The soul is the body of a person’s inner world, features and character. It is from the soul that we derive love, friendship and trust. It is in soul that we find consolation and heavenly light. The soul is our ticket on the train to our subconscious. The eyes see, and the soul understands.

The human soul is an immeasurable miracle, and you can only look into it with your heart, not your eyes. We inhabit this world, systematically changing our masks, appearance and emotions, yet only the soul is irreplaceable. You can deceive everyone else, but not yourself.

Charlie Chaplin once said "The mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs".

We come to know ourselves through the soul, yet it is incredibly difficult to find our real selves among a world of millions of faces and characters! This is the greatest mystery of the microcosm known as a Person. If you manage to solve it, all of the world’s secrets will be at arm’s length. The problem with understanding yourself is that there is no palm to read. You yourself are a palm, a whole world, an entire galaxy!

We created the "Mirror Of The Soul" set to help you come to understand yourself. We made them in honor of the beauty inherent to the body and soul, for one is nothing without the other. We placed the honey-sweet color of a blushing sun in this set, as well as the amber malt of a summer’s morning and the ripe aroma of the first fruits of autumn. We did this in the hopes that the set would become more than a mere ornament for you and acquire deep and genuine personal value. We did this so that you could see a reflection of life itself inside of them.