Forget-me-nots — silver, diamond, gilding
$1 050.00
SKU: 4092
SKU: 4092

Forget-me-nots — silver, diamond, gilding

$1 050.00
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Sterling Silver
Brilliant 2 mm
Oxidation, gilding
Base width male — 5.5 mm, female — 4.5 mm

Our body lived hundreds of hours. Our eyes saw thousands of twilights: happy, with sunny a smile in one’s eyes and sad too, with wrinkles of tears and mist under eyebrows.

Our hands gave dozens of hugs — sincere, loving, passionate, gifting. But there were also indifferent, cold and repulsive ones. Our fingers felt millions of touches — gentle, tender, firm, clumsy and confident, persistent. 

Our feet made hundreds of steps and travelled countless roads. Our lips remember thousands of smiles, mixed with kisses, angry arguments, joyful laughter and moisty greetings. Our hair was once repeatedly touched by either a warm sea breeze, or a heavy rain, or sizzling sun, or the roar of thunder. 

A lot happened with us and to us, but the strangest thing is that everything passes. Time and space slips through the fingers, leaving only some traces, which are temporary as everything else. 

So what? Crying, grieving, suffering for something beyond our comprehension? Never.

Just live and laugh. Loving, falling, rising, breaking the dawns in order to make it together again, to love passionately and unconditionally, as never before! 

To collect memories in warm palms and protect them as the most beloved person in the world, locking them in the heart under three locks. Because nothing is eternal. Fortunately!

"Forget me not. And I will never forget you too" — once said the Creator to the forget-me-not flower. We are the only creators of our memories. No one but us can grow them from air and ashes, breathe life into the fragile sculpture of extreme reality, making tangible something, that used to have no flesh and form. 

And love, so real and ultimate, is the first proof of becoming a Creator. 

Reality is subject to feelings and actions, as it was supposed to be. Love and the world around you will change. Love and welcome every morning happily. Love and be by the side of someone who sees you, understands you and is ready to share the whole world with you. 

"Forget-me-nots" — a collection of happy memories. A gift that keeps the shadow of your lover. Jewelry that challenges space and time. 

Love. You will always be remembered.