Forest Fairy — nature inspired emerald jewelry set
$1 935.00
SKU: 0762
SKU: 0762

Forest Fairy — nature inspired emerald jewelry set

$1 935.00
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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Emeralds 4 mm
7.6 grams.
Height — 32 mm, width — 12 mm.

Wouldn’t you like to spend a day or two in a fabulous fantasy world?

Everyone imagines it differently. For some, a fairy-tale world amounts to an excerpt from "Lord Of The Rings", and for others it is myths and legends about dragons and dryads. We have yet another version still. In our humble opinions, nature is the truest and best artist, the entity that has created the most interesting extant depictions of life and love.

We picture green hills where light white-haired elves and flowers wander, over which fragile fairies fly with boisterous laughter.

Fantasy and reality converge on the borders of dreams and life, which is why we made these beautiful earrings from the "Forest Fairy" collection. Their base is silver, but the delicate flower petal is made of yellow gold. The lightest trace of a beautiful flower has alighted on the silver branch of a tree. The set includes one ring and matching earrings.

The pieces are decorated with green-eyed emeralds. The stones are the eyes of our enchanting fairy, who has gently descended to take its rightful place atop a forest throne.