Twig — silver, sapphire, white rhodium
SKU: 0957
SKU: 0957

Twig — silver, sapphire, white rhodium

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Sterling Silver
Sapphire 4 mm
White rhodium
The width of the ring at the widest point is 8 mm.

Picture for yourself a mild autumn, when the sunset overflows with tones and shades of wild berries and the stars burst through the mire of twilight, powdering the drowsy trees and flowers with cosmic dust.

Imagine rising from your slumber to meet a crisp and cool September dawn, which scratches at your window like a cat returning home after long night of wandering. Imagine that the air is ripe with the aromas of pears and saffron as the world sinks into a state of somnolence, buried under the bright yellow autumn leaves.

The paintings that the mind can create for itself are more beautiful than even the most expensive works of classical artists. Our thoughts are an independent world, saturated with all the riches and mysteries of the universe. Everyone has the freedom to both be themselves and surround themselves with that which is most dear to the heart.

These paintings can be manifested with our magical ring from the "Twig" collection. It is exceptional in many senses, and not at all like our previous models.

A deep blue sapphire is nestled on a silver base that resembles the bark of a tree. It seems to peer out at the world with a summons that only true beauty can issue. Now you can hold the dazzling allure of autumn in your hands (or wear it on your finger!) with our ring — "Twig".