Love Of The Shrew — white gold
$2 850
SKU: 4399
SKU: 4399

Love Of The Shrew — white gold

$2 850
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White 14K gold
White rhodium
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Above all, I love it when you ask why I’m with you. "To demonstrate my bravery", I answer, which always leads to the two of us laughing together. Your nature should not seem so dangerous to you. Even the strongest snake venom can become a painkiller. 

Turn your hypersensitivity into the poetry of life, and make your expertise the most beautiful dance on earth. Claim what is yours with tenderness and feel the safest embrace in the world.

Understand that value only lies in the presence of the one who believes in freedom first and foremost. Contrary to conviction, contrary to public opinion and whatever views others may or may not have. Contrary to fears, previous experiences and sore spots that have been troubling for years. Contrary to popular belief. Contrary to notions of correctness. Contrary to controversy itself. By taking off your armor and standing before you completely defenseless, I remain your defender. By forgetting about the ground beneath my feet, I remain your support. 

There are women who share their love with only the smallest circles of people, but those who receive it can only be called happy. We created our "Love Of The Shrew" ring for precisely these women.