Eternal Flame — gold, ruby
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SKU: 4326

Eternal Flame — gold, ruby

$1 185
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14k yellow gold
Ruby 8x6 mm
~ 3,2 g
Height — 26 mm

Where does everything go when you leave? Perhaps to those places where you’ve never been? She never knew how much her ideas and desires could burn in the darkness. Where does the light creep in when you take your dream — the eternal flame that feeds the earth — away with you? Do you really think that there is anything left after you take the warmth of your feelings with you?

Cold embraces. Icy looks. Do not fade into the emptiness. It draws all things into its void as if time itself has fled from it and now all is still. Nothing moves, no one dances. No one is left to love when your soul can no longer ignite. Where is your warming gaze? Where is the passion that fuels your climb to the top? Your desire to save the world and build bridges? Where did they all disappear to? Somewhere between the failed attempts, or perhaps in the steps that are so slow that it seems like you have been standing still for years.

When everything disappears, stay. I will come and take you into my heart, because even if the path cannot be changed, we always have a choice: to walk it with a torch or a shining flame. 

Flame. As long as it burns, everything shall go on, be reborn and re-create everything in this so-called "life". 

The "Eternal Flame" pendant — an elegy to life in jewelry with a fiery ruby encased in yellow gold.