Enchanted Peak — silver, topaz
SKU: 1214
SKU: 1214

Enchanted Peak — silver, topaz

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Sterling Silver
Topaz 4 mm
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The sea relaxes and gives rest to the body. And the mountains refresh the senses, temper the body and the emotional intellect of man, make his spirit to soar above the earth and feel like a bird over the snow-capped peaks.

Both in the morning and in the twilight, the mountain ranges look like enchanted peaks, which dazzle between the two worlds: heaven and earth. They are not involved in either one or the other reality. They are between the worlds, and they are a huge and unusual world with their own laws.

Our pendant "Enchanted peak" - as one of the mountain paintings, only it will belong to you alone.

Made of sterling silver and coated with oxidation. Insert - sky blue topaz.