Cosmic Dawn — silver, gold, garnet
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SKU: 0573

Cosmic Dawn — silver, gold, garnet

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Garnet crystal
~ 9,7 g
Oxidized and melting of gold
The diameter of the pendant is 28 mm, the height with the ear is 37 mm

Blaise Pascal once said "through space, the universe grasps and swallows me up like a speck; through thought, I grasp it."

We cannot know for sure whether the universe is infinite or finite, whether it is guided by some overarching sense of order or whether it is just a chaotic cluster of cosmic bodies.

The planets of the solar system have long fascinated us with their majesty, uniqueness, and unusual makeup. The stars evoke admiration and love in us, as they exude a warm awareness of their own significance in the galaxy.

We try with great zeal to study the universe, to grasp it, to realize its secrets and great plans, but this is only possible to an extent. It conceals itself from us behind a thin veil of mystery and slips out of our fingers imperceptibly.

"Cosmic Dawn" is a pendant created as an ode to the boundless wisdom of the Universe. It was crafted from oxidized silver in the form of the solar system and its planets. A red garnet sits on the side of the pendant, adorning the cosmic space we created within the piece.