Ajna — silver, gold, opal
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SKU: 4274

Ajna — silver, gold, opal

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Opal 9,7x4,9 mm
~ 8,1 g
Height with eye — 35 mm, width — 25 mm

She recalled the silence in her own heart and the world’s cacophony suddenly fell away. She found everything she had lost along the way. Deep inside her, all of her barriers came together and shattered against one another. It was there that everything we were born for and died for took place. 

Those who have felt the power of their own intuition are familiar with the beauty of their inner voice. Anyone who has seen their inner light knows how sunny the world around us can be, even on the darkest of nights. Those who have found their teacher inside themselves no longer strive to imitate or copy the works of others. 

She is no longer interested in being artificial, bland, icy, correct and closed. She no longer wants to waste her precious energy on fuss, indifference, and idle chit-chat. She does not look away from what once caused her trouble, for she knows such things are only unpleasant until we accept them fully. The whole world loves to be around her because everyone around her can be true to themselves.

Those who have practiced yoga and know what the chakra system is would likely say that she has opened her Ajna chakra, or third eye chakra. The Ajna is associated with wisdom, creativity, deep understanding and intuition. Yet this woman does not even need to know about these word-based associations, as the wholeness of their meaning lives in her alluring worldview. She travels throughout her inner world because that is the world in which all illusions come to an end. 

Don’t be surprised if you see yourself in these lines. This story is simply about the ability to stay alive and not betray oneself. This is what our souls want from us. 

From idea to implementation, this pendant was something special. Its lines, unusual shape, mysteriously colored opal — everyone chose the name and story together. The silver "Ajna" pendant is a talisman, a gift, a memory of what is lost and becomes invisible in the hustle and bustle of our world. Never forget to dedicate time for yourself.