Haiku — gold, silver, pink spinel
$3 240
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SKU: 4484

Haiku — gold, silver, pink spinel

$3 240
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Yellow and red 14 K gold, sterling silver
Spinel 6,5х5,8 мм

There is something we want you to know: often when creating our jewelry, we feel like composing poetry. 

Instead of words, rhymes and metaphors, we use instruments like precious metals and stones. However, with the help of them, we crave for conveying true poetic lines that arise in our hearts. And how inspiringly we share it to the world. 

Elegy, sonnet, rubai, madrigal, ode, ghazal, ballad, vers libre… Every time, with dropping no words, we want to manifest poetic genres with the help of gems, gold and silver. Thus, two alchemical processes are constantly taking place in our workshops: the materialization of poetry and the poeticization of jewelry.

Regarding the mokume gane technique, to us it is undoubtedly a unique jewelry reflection of Japanese haiku, the lyric poetry.

Both in the haiku and mokume gane, behind the apparent ease and simplicity of form, the precious multi-layered interpretation and deep meaning of ornaments are hidden. 

The concepts and topics traditionally described in haiku, are large canvases, broad dimensions of reality. At the same time, they subtly convey an elusive moment, an intimate experience, a unique moment called “now”.

with clouds and mist 

in a brief moment a hundred scenes

brought to fulfillment

Matsuo Basho

Our mokume Haiku rings evoke similar emotions. While listening to it, you will definitely catch its special rhythm, melody, and poetry. Noticing the alternation of “lines” of gold and silver, you will feel the nuances of every hidden layer of metal, every image embedded in it. Its manifestation and forms are elegantly simple and immensely complex (philosophically, artistically and technically) at the same time. 

Unique, just like every moment of life. 

“Mokume Haiku” rings are poetry embodied by us in precious metals. 

NOTE: production time takes several weeks.