1 + 1 = 11 — white gold, diamond
$1 290
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SKU: 0203

1 + 1 = 11 — white gold, diamond

$1 290
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14k White Gold
The diamond 2,5 mm and weighs 0.05 carats

It’s not a secret to anyone that math is an accurate and rigorous science. It’s totally different from philosophy, as there is no room for subjectivity. It’s objects have the properties already known to us. However, real life is far more complicated and thorny. Sometimes even the simplest math formulas have no power here...

Sometimes 1+1 is not equal to 2.

Why? One of the answers is obvious: because there is love in the world.

Love is a mysterious power, logic could never explain. The power that eliminates almost every scientific law. The power of love cannot be explained specifically or defined. Its power cannot be measured by any instrument or device. 

Love is a mystical magnetic field that cannot be described by any equation or formula. 

And that’s why 1+1 will not necessarily be equal to 2. After all, when the two are in love, they become one whole, one essence. And then, as a result of the union of two people, there is a completely different concept, a different value. And there will be one common thing — "Us". 

This is how in the world we live in, love defines its own rules. It writes its amazing secret formula where 1+1=11. 

The upper part of the base is made of white gold, and the lower part is made of yellow gold with the authentic texture.