Unicorns — silver, emeralds
SKU: 4608
SKU: 4608

Unicorns — silver, emeralds

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Sterling Silver
Emerald 1,75 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 2,75 g
Height — 12 mm, width — 8 mm

Tame a unicorn.

Traditions say that only a pure hearted woman can do it. Next to her a unicorn becomes affectionate, kind and humble. 

Now, let’s think why. And what actually means this "taming a unicorn" phrase? Unicorn is a representation of original unity, the ability to overcome inner problems, the universal love and compassion. This fabulous, tender, pure creature embodies the stage of purification and spiritual evolution. 

At the same time, Unicorn is the energy that resists the powers of darkness and maintains the balance in the universe. It is the symbol of sunshine, purity, a turn to unity, to the core.

We cannot claim, but dare to deem that only through such qualities, as unconditional love and acceptance, a unicorn can be tamed, which means finding one’s integrity and sensing the point of calmness.

"Unicorn" stud earrings are a completely feminine jewelry dedicated to the power of tenderness of every woman. The earrings are made of oxidized silver. And fabulous emeralds adorn the silver lines, making the jewelry even more charming.

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