Source Of Life — silver, opals
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SKU: 1995

Source Of Life — silver, opals

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Sterling Silver
Opal cabochons 8x6 mm — 2 pcs.
~ 3,8 g
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Opal is a stone known to us from long-forgotten times. It is one of the most powerful minerals in nature.

Opal looks like an angel’s iridescent smile, so gentle and unobtrusive that it can only cause admiration and an inner spiritual response. It is a wonder of nature, concentrated in a small, elegant beauty of form and color.

Since ancient times, in most countries of the world it was believed that opal is able to protect against black magic. The East, known for its spirituality and deep understanding of life, considered opal to be the guardian of love, loyalty and family happiness. And in Europe they are inclined to believe that white opal reveals the talents of a person and contributes to the full realization of creative potential.

Opal nourishes the spirituality of man, gives him harmony with nature, the world and galactic space. We also decided that opal is needed in our Source of Life collection.

Many argue that in order for the magical properties of the stone to be fully revealed, it must be trimmed with precious metal. The structure of white opal is fragile, glassy, and the color is similar to the cold shade of milky skies, which shimmers from pale blue to transparent white. 

Specially we made the basis of the earrings so firm and harmonious. Twigs and leaves are drawn to the stone with a belief in its unearthly origin. And if you look at the stones from different angles, they become like a source of unearthly, cosmic radiance.

Opals are rather unusual stones, they are different from others. For this reason, we have created a blog about opals, so that you learn about their varieties and care.