Delicate Flower — gold, raw diamonds
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SKU: 5011

Delicate Flower — gold, raw diamonds

$1 740
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14k White Gold and 14k Yellow Gold
A raw diamond

The most important thing that the sun can give us is heat and solar nutrition for our body. The most important thing that trees can give us is oxygen and the ability to breathe. The most important thing that the sky can give us is flights, water and the opportunity to explore the galaxy.

And what is so important can give us a flower?

They say that flowers are the eyes of nature, where the heart of the flower is the pupil, and the petals are the eyelashes. Maybe they can not give us anything. But would the Little Prince say to them: "You are beautiful, but empty. "For the sake of you, you do not want to die." Of course, no, because in flowers - so much tenderness and soul!

What is the hidden treasure of a flower? In his unearthly beauty, in his freshness, in his youth, in his divine origin. Flowers remind us of the home of our consciousness. They remind us of the soul, they give us the importance of realizing ourselves in this chaotic world. Flowers give us love, which is created from particles of different senses, and they create order from chaos.

The flower has no clothes and cosmetics. He does not have a phone and beautiful shoes. His beauty is so perfect that it does not require confirmation. Nature has given him perfection, even if he has a severed stalk or dull petal color. It is perfect already because it is real. Do not demand from him a deep analysis and answers to questions - he has already told you everything.

Like a soul that unfolds in the beautiful clothes of thought and soul, a beautiful flower opens its petals towards the world and man. Such a story will tell you our wonderful earrings "Delicate Flower". The base of the earrings is made of white gold.

The petal gold caste slowly opens its arms... it does not hesitate of its perfection, but simply wants to inform the whole world about it... tender beauty admires the views, and here you see the miracle of nature! This is the real breath of nature, this is the perfect rough diamond that we dedicated to this earrings.