With love from life — contest «Best sketch»

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Everyone has a chance now to become the winner of the contest «Best Sketch Contest» and join the charitable event.

Our second sketch contest has started. This time every participant, regardless of country, age, occupation, can create his dream jewelry sketch. The jewelry made according to the winners’ sketches will be raffled off during the charity auction. 

ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE TABLETOCHKI CHARITY FUND which helps children and their families to fight cancer. 

This is why the motto of this contest is: «With Love from Life»

What do You need to do to win?

Draw a jewelry design sketch (ring, pendant, wedding rings, earrings etc.)

It must be impressive! However, the jewelry created baked on Your sketch must be comfortable to wear as well. There are no limitations in the format of sketches: You may use any materials (pencils, markers, paints, pens or electronic devices). 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not make jewelry with enamel, so sketches, where this material is required, will not participate in the contest. 

IMPORTANT:  Every participant can send only 1 sketch to the following address: competition@kochut.org

Please provide the links to Your personal profiles on FB and Instagram to Your application. Make sure to specify the subject of the letter — «Best Sketch Contest»

Each participant will be notified upon the receipt of the application letter with the sketch.

Please indicate all the necessary information in a single letter to avoid multiple messages.


In the contest will participate all applications sent by 30.10.2020,12:00;

You can start sending Your sketches starting from today (14.09)

THE WINNERS OF THE CONTEST will be announced on November, 6.

This will be 5 authors of the best sketches, according to which we will make jewelry in duplicate. One piece will be sent to the winner as a prize, and the second will be raffled off during the charity auction. 

In addition, TOP-10 sketches will be published on our website and in social media (FB, Instagram).

Important: the sketch copyright remains to its owner, the right to produce the jewelry belongs to Kochut workshop. 

Wishing You good luck and great inspiration!

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