Mriia — silver pendant covered with white rhodium
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SKU: 6092

Mriia — silver pendant covered with white rhodium

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Sterling silver
White rhodium
Height with earlet ~ 34 mm
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It was the AN-225. The biggest and most powerful in the world. And such a miracle was only in our Ukraine. Yes, our country can surprise us again and again.

Its size and power were astonishing, because it was equipped with six engines, and in terms of our usual «horsepower», its power is about 75,000 horsepower! The size of the machine was also staggering: length - 84 m, wingspan - 88.4 m, height - 18.1 m (like a six-storey house).

Our common «Mriya» was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, because a new record was set - the «Mriya» transported two hundred and fifty tons of special equipment in a single flight. The An-225 is the heaviest cargo aircraft ever flown.

When this majestic yet graceful giant came in for a landing at the world's airports, witnesses were said to take their breath away.

Most airports in the world are unable to accommodate aircraft of this weight and size. Such an airplane would grace the image of any country. The largest cargo-carrying aircraft in the history of world aviation of Ukrainian production, like no other, should be respectfully immortalized in the art.

But it happens that a neighbor happens to be envious and unkind, and when such a single heavyweight flying specimen was destroyed in a hangar on the first day of this scandalous war, the «Mriya» plane also became a symbol of the indestructibility of the dream. For, if in terms of technology and engineering, the fuselage, wings, and tailfins are burned, then the very dream does not burn!

The occupiers destroyed the plane, but they cannot destroy the common dream. There is no way they can destroy our dream of a strong, free and democratic European country. The dream of an occupier-free Ukraine is impossible to achieve.

And such a reminder can now be worn on one's chest, at the very heart - where unbending and winged dreams live.