Vernydub — silver ring with black spinel and red gold
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SKU: 1954

Vernydub — silver ring with black spinel and red gold

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Red 14K gold, sterling silver
Black spinel 6 mm

Vernydub is a figure of extraordinary power, often depicted as a mighty Cossack. He could pull a tree out of the ground using only his little finger and uproot an entire forest with a pass of his hand. 

Power, strength, victory - the qualities of this mythical hero are also found in the folklore of the Ukrainian people. 

According to legend, Vernydub joined the mythical heroes Vernygora, Krutyvus and Kotyhoroshko in search of happiness. Along the way, he had many adventures and met many obstacles, battling everything from monsters to his own fears. 

What sort of ornamentation should grace a man's look? Courage, confidence, determination and willingness to pursue a dream. High ideals, the ability to be the sincerest of friends and a reliable source of support for those around them. The ability to persevere in the face of difficulties and not give up after failure. 

Our ‘Vernydub’ ring was forged for men with these qualities! It embodies an indomitable will and tremendous strength of character. It emphasizes the wearer's strong heart and flexible mind. It visually complements the extraordinary inner nature of a brave man. 

‘His mother and father were at a loss for what to do when their wee boy, at the delicate age of three, began to tear fir trees from the earth that were as thick as a man’s leg. At the age of seven, he took up beeches, and from the age of fourteen, his strength was so great that he pulled the largest beeches and oaks from the earth like strands of hemp and carried them home, stacked four score high on his shoulders. When he was seventeen, the lad could no longer sit at home because there was naught for him to do and he longed to see the world. So he went in search of happiness,’ says one of the tales about Vernydub. 

The charismatic ‘Vernydub’ ring imbues its owner with strength, power and a thirst for challenging victory. An exceptionally masculine piece. 

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