Mountains with Fir-trees — silver ring with oxidation coating
SKU: 1422-0
SKU: 1422-0

Mountains with Fir-trees — silver ring with oxidation coating

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Sterling Silver
Base width:
~ 10 mm
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In summer, waking up in the mountains is a wonderful feeling! A light mist is still over peaceful rocks, gradually dissolving in the twilight. When the first sunrays reach the eyesight, filling it with a celestial haze. Anyone who has ever woken up in the mountains will remember this incredible feeling.

Far from civilization, forgetting daily worries, mountains give us real-life power. Nature has grown them to the skies as if planting a charming flower in the plain. Do the mountains remind you of the stairway to heaven? It takes a lot of effort when climbing up, to reach complete inner harmony.

The view of snow-capped peaks with a white tip of dawn makes a heart beat faster and faster. Deep inside there is a feeling of unity and intimacy with high spiers decorated with spruce trees. Mountains call the ones of their height. And when they do, they never let go. Just like a beloved one, they know how to hurt with pity and hard lifting, but the feelings for them remain the same.

We created a pattern of a morning view on the «Mountains with the Christmas trees» wedding ring. Mountains under a blanket of the sun and milky heavy skies and the Christmas trees slenderly covering the mountain ranges. Wedding ring is meant for those who live with love for the creations of nature. Made of silver and oxidation.

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