Unseen Bond — silver sapphire ring with yellow gold
2 100.00€
SKU: 5833
SKU: 5833

Unseen Bond — silver sapphire ring with yellow gold

2 100.00€
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Sapphire 4,9 mm

Despite the time, place and circumstances, hose who are destined to meet are connected by an invisible red thread. The thread can stretch or become tangled, but it will never break. 

Love is the only feeling that can stand against space and time. When it establishes a connection between two people, everything else ceases to matter. Will it be necessary to go through misunderstandings and conflicting perspectives? Love will make it through. Will it be necessary to rise up against social prejudices? Love shall rise. Will it be necessary to withstand the temptation of deceptive feelings and the desire to throw everything down and flee? Love shall endure. A love that never ceases. A love that ends old cycles and begins new ones, washing away everything that contradicts it and building even more majestic temples of adoration on the demolition site. 

An ever-so-thin, universe-spanning connection unites two people whose paths no longer exist independently of one another. No one is born to be alone. 

Billions do not understand the world of two, because each couple has a unique connection and story that begins long before they share their first glance and knows no end. It's impossible to mistake the person with whom you have a special relationship. Life does not deceive people on a whim or out of boredom. The laws of gravitational attraction apply in such cases, and they neither seek nor require the recognition of sceptical minds. They only require an exchange. 

When emotional swells subside and passion is replaced by warm and faithful feelings, the clear realization that you simply want to be with a person appears. Everything becomes as pure and transparent as a sapphire. This stone repeatedly adorned the rings of Princess Diana, and now Kate Middleton wears a precious piece much like it. Sapphire emphasizes the beauty and femininity of the fairer sex, and is considered a symbol of fidelity and purity. 

For our new silver ring, entitled ‘Unseen Bond’, we chose a deep blue sapphire. It is supported on the ring by a gold thread, just as love is supported by a thin but indissoluble connection.