Potential — ring made of yellow gold and silver
1 040.00€
SKU: 4461
SKU: 4461

Potential — ring made of yellow gold and silver

1 040.00€
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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Base width:
~ 6,5 мм

Square rings are never this comfortable, but doesn’t every miracle stem from the initial thought that something ‘never happens’?

Potential is nothing but love on a universal scale. It is an invisible force, and only humankind can make it visible. This is our purpose, our North Star, our beacon and our purpose when everything seems to lose its meaning. How can you not love if you have so much love within you? How can you not live when you have so much life within you?

Do you want to know your potential? It is here, on the verge of a new life. It is on the scales, opposite a heavy pile of doubts and apprehension. Your potential is wonderful to the extreme, but it is also extremely dangerous. It’s like a fire that has yet to find a purpose, or like water that does not know where to flow, spilling over the shores in the springtime. It is where the stars end and the dawn begins, between the first and second breath of the morning. It is where you will make a choice once again. Your potential lives, and as long as you breathe, no one but you can awake it. Pull the boldest possible dreams out of your pockets simply because that is who you are.

As we’ve said dozens of times while creating jewellery that enhances the natural beauty of your body, the light in your eyes and the radiance in your soul, that is more than reason enough.

Our new love is the square ‘Potential’ ring. Yellow gold, silver, oxidation. Everyone who has tried this ring on has taken note of how comfortably it sits on the fingers. Are you ready to try for yourself?