Lotus of the heart — silver ring with pink sapphire and yellow gold
SKU: 1734
SKU: 1734

Lotus of the heart — silver ring with pink sapphire and yellow gold

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Yellow 14K gold, sterling silver
Pink sapphire of 4 mm

The human heart is like a lotus with a precious stone of wisdom tucked in the centre. The heart is purified, the lotus blossoms, and wisdom shines through.

Particular attention is given to the heart in Eastern philosophy. Unlike the Western schools of thought, Eastern philosophies consider it to be much more than an organ for circulating the blood or shifting emotional states. The heart centre is a repository of deep wisdom, unconditional love and existential experience, as well as being the humble abode of Truth.

Only by purifying themselves of envy, greed, selfishness, pride and fear can a person truly feel how the mystical flower of wisdom blooms in their heart. 

The symbolism of the lotus is unique. It is an entirely pure and delicate flower, which, despite growing in marshes and swamps, is never contaminated by its surroundings. It is a testament to the fact that our heart is able to remain pristine despite the experiences and contrasting passions it has been immersed in. The lotus of the heart wishes only to blossom, as it shall inevitably rise above the muddled waters of fretful human life.

The unique «Heart Lotus» ring symbolizes the ideal of purity and the wisdom of an open heart illuminated with unearthly love.

In Buddhism, this image is captured in the famous Tibetan mantra «Om Mani Padme Hum». As Ram Dass writes in his book: «there are many meanings for this mantra ... One way to understand it is: ‘the universe is as a gem or crystal located in the centre of my heart or in the heart of the lotus, which I am; it is manifested, it shines in my heart.» Another way to interpret the mantra reads as follows: «God in unmanifested form is a treasure in the centre of the lotus that has manifested in my heart.»

According to Helena Blavatsky, «the lotus symbolizes the life of man and the universe.» Its roots, immersed in silt, represent matter. The stem that stretches through the water is the soul, and the flower facing the sun symbolizes the spirit. The lotus flower embodies eternal life, the immortal nature of humankind and its spiritual development.

The «Heart Lotus» ring has a base made of silver and oxidised petals. They are symbols of love and purity as the integral attributes of the human heart. We also placed a pink sapphire — the embodiment of eternal Wisdom — in the centre of the lotus.

«Heart Lotus» — an exceptionally precious ring for exceptionally precious hearts.