Flower rhapsody — a silver ring with amethyst
SKU: 4551
SKU: 4551

Flower rhapsody — a silver ring with amethyst

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Sterling silver
Amethyst 4 mm

Possessing the strength of enduring metal and the energy of natural stone, this ring was born in protest of the ephemerality of summer. It’s the time of year we desperately cling to in August, intoxicating and intoxicated by the smell of warm evenings. It’s ripe with sun-kissed skin on the shoulders of a beloved woman, and clothed in the most enchanting of light dresses. It’s a barely perceptible wind with the echo of a tender kiss, and the inconspicuously blooming flowers to which everyone has been accustomed since spring.

They share these last moments of warmth with us: inhaling the aroma of ripe berries; laying in dew-washed grass; glancing at nearby children and adults who are equally thirsty for the joys that life brings to us all. 

Such a thirst instils courage and confidence, and I want to love this scorching, fragrant world that blesses us with morning sunlight more and more with every day. I want to dance as if everyone’s cell phone cameras were permanently switched off, or pointed only at someone else. It is a manifesto of an eternally young, eternally loving heart that beats under peach-coloured skin and flows through the veins like a freshly chilled drink. This breathes new life into the art of jewellery. This is the Floral Rhapsody!

The silver «Floral Rhapsody» ring features an amethyst that has absorbed the delicate rays of the sleepy western sun. Oxidation on silver evokes the charms of a summer night sky laden with the fiery romances that come to so many at this time of year.