Sapphire tree with a Fox — pendant in silver, red gold and sapphires
SKU: 1733
SKU: 1733

Sapphire tree with a Fox — pendant in silver, red gold and sapphires

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Red 14K gold, sterling silver
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Trees are powerful spiritual symbols in all cultures. Most of our former beliefs have been lost to time, but ancient mythologies and religions held trees in a very different regard.

Trees provide us with energy and strength. They purify the air we breathe and the thoughts we live with. They live much longer than humans, so each branch contains the great knowledge and wisdom of the world. 

Trees reach upwards to the heavens by standing firmly on the ground. They take a long time to take root, but the choices they make are intended to last forever. Have you ever had any special feelings when you reached out and touched the bark of a tree? It is almost like a moment of truth, a point of contact with the heart of the world ...

Wearing a tree around your neck is a sign of considerable intellect, wisdom and understanding of the world around you. It is also a symbol of inspiration and a firm connection with the universe. They say that nothing under the moon is eternal, but we insist the opposite is true. For what purpose have we been created, if not for eternity?

The pendant houses an entire painting. The silver tree grows and stretches to its full height within the circle, perfectly mirroring the shapes and lines of a real tree in the forest kingdom. Under the tree rests a wee fox in a red coat. It took a seat in the shade of the huge flowering tree to contemplate the serenity of the evening sunset. The reflection of a green ocean can be seen in his eyes.

To contrast the silver of the tree, the fox was forged from red gold. The fruits on the tree are dark, plum sapphires, which complement the milky hues of the silver.