Paradise tree — emerald silver pendant
SKU: 4393
SKU: 4393

Paradise tree — emerald silver pendant

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Sterling Silver
Emerald 2 mm
~ 7,5 g.
Height 37 mm, width 29 mm
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Scandinavian legends whisper of a tree that gave Odin his wisdom and knowledge. The Bible tells of the tree of knowledge that God planted in the Garden of Eden. In ancient Armenia, the tree of life was painted on the walls of fortresses and the armour of soldiers.

The tree is the most ancient symbol of harmony between the world and man. Trees connect us to the essence of the divine, as they are constant reminders of the cycle of life. 

Trees emulate the universe’s constant state of equilibrium and seamless transitions from one state to the next. The universe does not have to be logically sound — it is perfect in its harmony, and that is enough.

Mother Nature herself bore the trees and keeps them, and the trees serve as evidence that nature has achieved its own form of perfection without the need for ideal shapes or exact edges. It is beyond the notion of the false and the true. It is in the perceptual phase where all things are simple and possible.

The tree is the soul of the world and the poetry of the forest. When you walk by a tree in the woods, do not be afraid. Touch its warm bark and embrace it — you will feel an incredible influx of energy as the forces of nature come to you, and they will remain with you for a long time to come.

Trees deliver the messages of the universe to us. They also provide us with those things most essential to us: love and oxygen. Love nature. Love the nature in you as well.

The «Tree» pendant is made of silver and coated with oxidation. We meticulously painted every twig, every bud and every leaf of the tree so that you may always feel its warm embrace.