Meteorite — walnut box
SKU: B000601
SKU: B000601

Meteorite — walnut box

List of woods:
We use high-quality woods that feature peculiar textures. It is for this reason that our jewellery box has such a unique appearance and can slightly differ from what you see in photographs.

«Your land tethers me to the world,

teaching me to love and never surrender.

I first fell onto it as a meteorite

to be by your side forever ...

As I still am. Do you see the happiness in your eyes? This is from the spark of my touch. Do you feel the warmth on your skin? This is the memory of my embrace.

Your presence is all the proof that is needed to confirm the correctness of my path. I need you, sincerely and forever. Do you understand that?»

This is a festive turn of events, when something new has already managed to become a bestseller.

The «Meteorite» box allows you to hold space itself in your heart and your hands. It will raise eyebrows before you even manage to ask the most important question of your life.

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