Renaissance — gold diamond cross
4 199.00€
SKU: 4538
SKU: 4538

Renaissance — gold diamond cross

4 199.00€
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Manufacturing time 25 business days
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White 14K gold, yellow 14K gold
Diamond 1,5 mm — 3 pcs.
~ 13 g
Black rhodium
Height — 34 mm, width — 22 mm

A determined spirit can find its way out of even the strongest cage. A persistent, fragile blade of grass can break through the solid earth to reach the sun. The human heart, which is far too big to hold just one thing, can overcome any obstacle placed in front of it. It is for this exact reason that I wish to tell you of a person who is being reborn without even realizing it. 

When there is only one way left to go, venture inside. When your insides burn so hot that all of your synaptic connections seem to melt away, seek yourself. When the harsh wind of the past presses against your back, and you understand the relative closeness of death, surrender yourself, even if the sky has laid a storm upon you, pushing off the sun’s rays until tomorrow. 

There are no believers or atheists in this void. There is no heaven or hell, nor are there sins or karmic ideals. When a true love for life blossoms in your heart, it needs a lot of space. In order to create that space, you have to throw away quite a bit, sacrificing all that which is old and unnecessary, yet so familiar and safe. 

Rebirth lies just beyond your fears, but rebirth may be the greatest gift a person can receive. Perhaps heavenly love is measured by the depth of these transformations, which seem unbearable and overwhelming, not at all intended for a fragile, defenceless, meek human heart. Perhaps it is a piece of us that just wants love. Perhaps it is a piece that fails to realize that the greatest love in the universe is here and now. 

We would typically ask you to picture all of this in your mind’s eye. However, in this case we have manifested it in jewellery. The cross is wrapped by a flowering branch adorned with blossoming diamonds to reflect an essential truth: rebirth is at the very core of our human condition.